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H264, H.264 (default on Mac, Windows) mp4. vp8 webm, VP8/WebM (default on Linux) webm. theora ogg ogv, Theora ogv. mov qt quicktime, Quicktime. Feb 23, 2017 These models do not support 4K video encoded using H.264. Resolution: The maximum supported resolution is 3840x2160 or 4096x2160. MPEG-1 Video; MPEG-2 Video; MPEG-4 Video; H.261; H.262; H.263; H.264/AVC ; H.265/HEVC; VP6; VP8; VP9; DNxHD; Theora. XDCAM; XDCAM HD422. Apr 21, 2015 Squeeze 8 and higher includes the x264 open source codec for H.264 encoding. Tests have indicated x264 delivers higher quality output than.

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